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Drum Workshop - Heart Oficina
Drum Workshop - Heart Oficina

sábado, 28/10


Portal das Artes

Drum Workshop - Heart Oficina

We start by gathering in circle, with a small altar in the center. Sitting in circle is a very ancient and powerful practice... Com Mário Rui Fernandes

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Horário e local

28/10/2023, 10:00 – 19:00

Portal das Artes, R. do Esmeraldo 41, 9000-051 Funchal, Portugal

Sobre o evento

We start by gathering in circle, with a small altar in the center. Sitting in circle is a very ancient and powerful practice. To open up, it is essential to feel comfortable and safe. It is my intention to create a safe space for everyone. I use different tools, including five intentions/principles for the cicle: speaking from the heart, listening from the heart, going into essence, spontaneity and confidentiality. These principles are inspired by the native American traditions and were formulated and practiced in The Way of Council - a men council project which i am co facilitating (

We will have time for each of us to share from our hearts and by that creating a place of authentic expression and witnessing. Being witnessed and heard with our deep longings and truth is our fundamental need. However, nowadays being seen became linked to stress and discomfort for many of us, as we learned to perform in order to fit in and "be good “. In this circle, i gently encourage people to use voice/words for true expression of what moves deep within themselves, without any expectations and pressure. Sharing our inner world, personal prayers and intentions is very intimate and raw.

Through the day we build a space of truth and honesty, i feel deeply that this is the basic need to build a healthy community and the fundamental space to weave our Drum and drumstick.

Connecting with our Intentions, we know the power of them! This is a kind of "glue" between dream and action! We will "print" them in our drums...

In the attachment I am sending a PDF about the Drum building process.

Workshop details:

- The Workshop is a full day ceremony; we start around 10.00 and finish around 19.00 with a lunch break.

- The workshop's value is 165 euros, includes all materials for the construction of the drum and drumstick.


Hoops are circular and are built by me, made of pine wood - symbolically I choose pine for its resistance, strength and adaptability to extreme situations.

we´ll use goat skins which are carefully chosen by me from local shepherds and treated without any chemicals and respecting environment and animals. Symbolically goat represents extreme balance, confidence and curiosity.

Ropes are 100% natural cotton.


To reserve your spot, it is necessary to transfer 80 euros via IBAN - PT50 004587414034002392476  to Mário Rui Fernandes or MBWAY - 351 912883870 - Mário Fernandes

Please send proof to AND to (so that we can control the number of participants)

Info contact:

Mário Rui Fernandes +351 912883870

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