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Singing, approached in a holistic way, is an organic method of recognizing the vocal instrument, based on the harmony of the body with the mind and spirit, aiming at the development of creativity and artistic expression, along with the pleasure of singing . In an innovative space prepared especially for you, you will learn to sing, develop your vocal technique and your artistic personality.

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Meditative chanting is ALWAYS healing! It doesn't matter the final result but the repairing process itself!

Through the vibration of our voice we enter a state of harmony, where we can hear and feel ourselves with an amplified awareness, without interference from the noise of our mind. We start a process of restarting our vital energy and immerse ourselves in a state of well-being that allows us to recharge our energies every week!

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Yoga is a path of harmony, an ancient and universal spiritual science that can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical shape. Its practice purifies, balances and strengthens the body, mind and spirit and reveals a path of health, mental control and a state of peace.

Classes are designed in such a way that students can learn techniques and gain knowledge of yoga philosophy, making participants independent and autonomous outside of classes.



Marika Mankinem

Sofie Cafofo



1h30 weekly classes


Obs. For hygiene reasons, each person is asked to bring their own yoga mat.



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