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Singing, approached in a holistic way, is an organic method of recognizing the vocal instrument, based on the harmony of the body with the mind and spirit, aiming at the development of creativity and artistic expression, along with the pleasure of singing . In an innovative space prepared especially for you, you will learn to sing, develop your vocal technique and your artistic personality.

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Expression without Drama

Dramatic Expression Workshop

Through expression, we convey who we are and become more aware of our potential as expanding human beings. These experiences  allow learning about oneself, and refine the sensitivity and knowledge of the other.  With an attentive eye on the world and in a reproduction of social practices, we go to find ourselves.

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We are all born creative and with our own talents. These creative sessions, with techniques and tools based on Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Art Therapy, will help to explore and rediscover each person's talents and what makes each person special and unique.

We focus on questions:

What's your talent?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What makes you unique, different?
Who are you?

We discover meaning for these big questions, increasing self-esteem and sense of belonging, in a dynamic and revealing way!


Individual and group sessions.

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