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I was born and raised in a Nordic country, in a natural environment, which made me love Mother Earth deeply and which protected my spirit. From an early age I was interested in the human mind, the arts and creativity in all its forms. At the age of 20, with an adventurous spirit and many dreams under my belt, I left my homeland behind and it was on the island of Madeira that I found my little corner of heaven. I graduated in education sciences and did a  postgraduate degree in Art Therapy, in addition to various training courses in the area of coaching and creativity because that was how I felt happy, creating! When I first heard about art therapy, I knew I had found my expression in front of the world and myself.
Art therapy, a method of personal development and healing, works in different ways, using creativity as the main tool.
Awakening the creative process in every human being is reminding him of his origin. How many of us think creativity is just the right of a chosen few? Life itself is pure energy of creativity. By opening ourselves to this innate strength in every human being, we connect with the Creator. In its purest form, creativity is always a mystical union, which returns us Home.
As a Daughter of the Earth, I walk barefoot, honoring the Truth and elevating Life in a deep and creative prayer. With an open heart, with humility and gratitude, I am at your service to awaken the Light in each one of you!



I'm a producer of dreams that come true, soul singer and singing teacher for life.
As a professional singer, qualified by the Order of Musicians of Brazil, and having trained in vocal technique and musical training, I feel that I completed my studies on stage, where I found myself as an artist. I went through a very deep process to realize the connection between my body, my mind, my soul, with my voice:
- From my body, through vocal technique, which enables physical health.
- From my mind, perceive and understand the process of voice and communication.
- From my soul – through deep self-knowledge and freedom of Being.
I felt like I upgraded myself with my students!
Today, the focus of my voice is not located only on my vocal tract, but on my entire body and soul, as one influences the other.
When we sing our whole body vibrates, if we sing with technique and total delivery, magic happens, and we use singing as a profound tool of love and health, for everyone, not just for voice professionals.




Creative, communicator, entrepreneur and passionate about life!

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Madeira and I believe that I have traveled several different paths throughout my life, but all of them marked by a deep passion for the arts, for children,

for creativity and for life.

I started my artistic path, namely in the theater, still in my teens, for the pleasure and desire to act. Gradually, life gave me the necessary depth to improve and learn more and more, taking several courses in this area.   Alongside this artistic path, I did my academic studies, a degree in Early Childhood Education and Post-Graduation in Art Therapy, among other training related to education and personal development. Due to the synchronicity of life, all these aspects converged and brought me here, 

to a fusion of the being that I am!



Follower of the principles of macrobiotics and practitioner of permaculture.

Yoga started to be part of my life in 2001, about a year after I returned to Madeira, after completing my academic studies in Economics.

I deepened this practice over two decades, having between 2012 and 2016 developed multidisciplinary skills around this ancient philosophy and obtained training for yoga teachers. It is in this symbiosis between body, mind and spirit that I reconnect with myself and seek to ascend to my own evolution.

Through yoga, postures, meditation and breathing techniques, it has been possible to follow a path of self-knowledge and the environment around me. The ability to change the body's energy and obtain a state of balance provided by this practice has been a true alchemy for the constant challenges of everyday life.

I believe that we can find full happiness and that we all have an oasis of compassion, love, freedom and light in us!

isabel paqute
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Woman, mother, teacher and educator, I see education with the purpose of expanding myself and others and as a tool to transform the world.

I was born and raised in Madeira and, after completing my degree in Modern Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, I returned to Funchal and started my journey in education. I was a Portuguese and French teacher in several schools and I still have a passion for teaching, perhaps because that is the best way to learn. Along my path, as I matured and sought new knowledge, I felt more and more eager to find an educational model more in line with my essence, an education with a more creative, cooperative and sustainable aspect. I promoted several projects, namely Clube do Amor, Parents' School, Cooperate to overcome, Learning in community, defended my thesis on the acceptability of an alternative education project, founded the Comunidade Educativa Verde project and joined the OrganicA team.

Throughout the many experiences, training courses, readings and studies, one idea never ceased to dwell in me: education as a resource for a world where each Being recognizes that he is part of a Whole and fully expresses himself to create health, happiness and spiritual growth for all. yourself and for others.

  The universe wanted the break from the pandemic to offer me a time of deep inner search and, although that plunge started out to be lonely and somewhat painful, it has brought me to the present moment. I took the Natural Gynecology and Holistic Being courses, with the aim of healing my wounds and transforming trauma into overcoming, but I quickly felt that all this learning had a greater purpose, that of being shared.

 Today, at Portal das Artes, a new educational project begins, continuing to promote education as a means for people to become more aware of their relationship with themselves, with others and with the world.



I am a being who found in Design and Art his way to communicate. To convey ideas, feelings, beliefs and especially emotions.

I believe that my function is mainly to materialize the vision of the dreamers. I am passionate about visual communication and all the ways in which art is manifested and incorporated in all of us.

Portal das Artes allows me to illustrate my own experience as a spiritual being, reconnecting with my essence.

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